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our mission

Courageous Canines is dedicated to helping dogs and their owners live better together through education. Our training and behavioral programs apply the insights of modern learning theory and animal behavioral science, and we exclusively teach, use and advocate positive, force-free training methods. We want to help you better understand your dog, teach them more effectively and forge a trusting relationship with them that will last a lifetime.

collin rochE


Courageous Canines LLC is owned and operated by Collin Roche, CPDT-KA.

"I am passionate about helping dogs and their owners communicate and bond. While I may be a 'dog trainer,' my real work is teaching owners and handlers how to understand dogs and apply workable, enjoyable behavior-shaping techniques at home and in the real world. I teach positive, force-free training techniques to help people guide their dogs and replace bad behavior through fun, cooperative routines. My experiences working with dogs of all sizes, breeds and temperaments has led me to firmly believe that all dogs, regardless of their existing behavior, benefit from a carefully considered and kind approach.

As a lifelong dog lover, my own journey in behavior began with more traditional obedience training techniques - my personal experience working with hundreds of dogs has led me to my current approach. The use of force, intimidation, aversion and painful equipment in companion dog training can lead to frustration, slower learning, avoidance, anxiety, fear, behavior that is suppressed instead of changed, increased aggressive responses and ultimately, higher rates of euthanasia.

I understand a wide range of techniques and equipment, including those I don't use, and I personally know their strengths and drawbacks. With this background, I help owners navigate the confusing and often contradictory information available in the media, online and even through other trainers. My opinions and techniques have been informed by my own experience and education, and I am determined to help as many dog owners and their canine companions as possible by sharing my insights."



Certification Resources

Collin Roche is recognized as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge the CCPDT, an independent certifying body for dog trainers dedicated to high ethical standards, continuing education and science-based practices.

Courageous Canines LLC is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, which works to advance excellence in the profession of dog training and behavior consulting.

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