ADULT DOG training

Educating owners and empowering dogs to be their very best!

Our behavioral training programs are individually crafted around your goals and your dog's personality. 

Force is not necessary when teaching dogs to behave politely or listen to you. We show you how to replace unwanted, annoying and even dangerous behavior by using the power of positive conditioning to build better behavior in its place.

  In our lessons, we teach you to take control of your dog’s energy by introducing your dog to positive and force-free techniques.


Our approach uses:

+ Focus & Energy Control Exercises +

+ Obedience & Redirection +

+ Physical Games and Mental Puzzles +

+ Safe Play Habits +

+ Leash Walking Routines & more! +


Dogs need our guidance and direction in order to learn how to behave. We aim to help you effectively

 communicate with your dog. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by challenges, we teach you to work together, with your dog, to make lasting progress.

 If your dog’s behavior is:

- Making it difficult to keep them in your home - 

- Causing you to avoid taking your dog places -

- Keeping you from introducing them to people -

- Making daily life feel more stressful than rewarding - 

Common problems

We Specialize in Replacing Bad Behaviors.

Is Your Dog Exhibiting Any of the Behaviors Below?

  • Fear: in general, toward people, other dogs, places, noises and more

  • Anxiety: in general, during separation, grooming, vet visits or other specific situations

  • Reactivity and overreaction: to normal events like seeing people, dogs and other exciting things while walking on leash 

  • Aggression: toward people, other dogs, other animals and more

  • Fighting: with other dogs at home, at daycare and/or at the dog park

  • Chasing: cats, other pets, wildlife, cars, bicycles, joggers and/or other exciting things in motion

  • Over-excitement: at home, in public, around other dogs, people and animals

  • Unwanted Vocalization: barking, whining, crying, howling and more

  • Housebreaking and Bathroom issues: urinating and/or defecating at inappropriate places or times, peeing and/or pooping indoors, marking and more

  • Playing roughly: grabbing clothing, biting or mouthing hard with people, children, other dogs and more.

  • Jumping for attention: on people, guests, children, counters, furniture and more

  • Stealing: food, shoes and other household items

  • Destructive Chewingpersonal items, beds, crates, furniture, clothing, wood, and more

  • Biting: From gentle mouthing to not so gentle nipping

Dogs learn best from well-placed instructions and rewards before hand

instead  of corrections or punishments after the fact!


  • Convenience & Flexible Scheduling

    • We work with your schedule to make sure our services truly suit your needs.​

  • Personal Instruction by a Certified Trainer

    • Find the solution that works best for your specific dog​, and situation.

  • In Home Lessons

    • Train and learn in the comfort of your own home​, a dog's safest place.

  • On location lessons in indoor and outdoor settings​​

  • Hands on training for children and family members

  • Package rates for multiple lessons