puppy training

Set Your Puppy Up For Success!

Puppyhood is the most important period in any dog’s development and learning – don’t let it pass you by! Did you know that puppies accept new experiences more easily than adult dogs? Or that puppies should play with other puppies to help them learn to tolerate stress and use their mouths softly? Our proactive and preventative approach to behavior will start you on the right paw!

What We Teach:

+ Safe Handling, Grooming and Restraint Methods +

+ Potty Training / Housebreaking Routines +

+ Crate Training +

+ Good Chewing Habits +

+ Obedience & Focus +

+ Establishing & Maintaining Boundaries +

+ Introducing Dogs, People & Pets +

+ Physical Games and Mental Puzzles +

+ Play With Toys & People +

+ Understanding Canine Body Language & Play +

+ Leash Walking Routines & more! +


Puppy training is all about setting them up for success, and making it easy for them to make the right decisions and form the right habits! Contact us today to learn more about the steps you can take to ensure a healthy relationship with your puppy!