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Training Services



A puppy one day and a dog the next!

Puppyhood is the most formative period in a dog’s life. A puppy accepts new experiences more easily than adult dogs. Guiding and nurturing their curious spirit through training allows them to build confidence and form healthy relationships with people and the world around them.

Our proactive and preventative strategies will help you avoid stress and support the development  of your growing dog.

Enjoy a life of learning and loving with your new pet!


Dogs can learn better habits at any age!
Whether your dog is a lifelong family member, new rescue, or has tried other trainers without success, we can help!

Our proprietary approach incorporates modern theory with proven techniques to help you replace unwanted behavior with obedience and understanding.  We work to educate both dog and owner, so you can teach them positively & without force anywhere. Every owner deserves a relaxed, happy dog who is eager to listen and respond!



Without hesitation we welcome all breeds and all behaviors! We strongly believe in a carefully considered approach to training all dogs. Beginning with a private consultation, we meet to analyze your dog’s behavior, temperament and history. From there, we form a personalized training plan with their background and your goals in mind. Whether you are dealing with serious issues, have complex goals, or just want to train on your schedule at locations you prefer, our private behavioral and obedience programs work for you!

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